Patty Dentaire Materials 

At Patty Dentaire, we value the quality, reliability, and aesthetics that Initial IQ products bring to our dental restorations. By incorporating these materials into our workflow, we can ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care and achieve beautiful, durable, and natural-looking smiles.


Patty Dentaire is proud to utilize Initial IQ products in our dental restorations. Initial IQ is a renowned brand that offers high-quality dental materials and solutions, known for their exceptional aesthetics, strength, and reliability.

By incorporating Initial IQ products into our workflow, we can provide our patients with restorations that meet the highest standards of quality. Whether it’s dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, or other restorative options, Initial IQ materials allow us to achieve lifelike aesthetics that seamlessly blend with the patient’s natural dentition.

Initial IQ products are designed to mimic the optical properties of natural teeth, ensuring restorations that exhibit excellent color matching, translucency, and vitality. With a wide range of shades and materials available, we can precisely match the patient’s natural teeth, creating restorations that are virtually indistinguishable from their surrounding dentition.


  • Initial Zr-FS –
    For high strength zirconia frameworks, Initial Zr-FS is an improved feldspathic veneering ceramic based on zirconium oxide.It is the perfect material for creating intricate and delicate structures like bridges because of the unmatched natural visual effects and greater stability after many firings.
    Ready-to-use liners called Zr Light Reflective Liners are intended to hide the various hues of zirconia frameworks while yet allowing light to flow through.Once the framework has been set up in this manner, a uniform layering method will provide the ideal hue.


  • Initial IQ ONE SQIN -For the aesthetic realization of monolithic or minimum buccally reduced dental frameworks comprised of zirconium dioxide or lithium disilicate, GC Initial IQ ONE SQIN is a paintable color-and-form ceramic idea. It enables you to quickly and simply obtain good aesthetic outcomes that are equivalent to traditionally layered restorations but take a lot less time. both in the back and in the front.Based on the “IQ philosophy” of GC Initial, the IQ ONE SQIN System Set combines many ideally suited ceramic materials: One of the GC Initial IQ Lustre PastesThe most adaptable paintable ceramic for both internal substructure characterization and exterior staining. It also acts as the connection firing when used with SQIN.


  • Convenient consistency
    Existing fluorescence
    Your restorations’ final shape is completed with life, texture, and natural shine thanks to 3D color depth from GC first IQ SQIN.


  • Simple shape and texture
    The self-glazing result
    GC Initial Spectrum Stains and 3D Surface Structure


  • For further distinct effects, use fine powder stains.
    Many color nuances
    Possibility of blending with Lustre Pastes SQIN or ONE